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Qualified Advice.
Maximum Variety.
Freedom in Finance.
Freedom in Finance. Independent Insurance Broker
Independent Financial Broker
We are in Heidelberg.

Your insurance coverage needs an expert.
Choose a professional.

How our business works
for you.

We are committed only to our clients. Our consultants are highly qualified, objective and independent. Our advisory process concentrates on your wishes and your needs and we will take our time for this evaluation. We accompany you to achieve you plans for your future. We convey security. No matter what is expecting you down the road. We will be there for you.

Live your life lighthearted.
Let us take care of your security.

  • Qualified advice.
  • Maximum variety.
  • Freedom in finance.


We are different

Insurances, investments or mortgages. You can buy them everywhere. After a sales appointment with a company representative, online on the company’s homepage or completely retro filling out a boring paper application form and submitting it via “snail mail”. It is so easy buying complex products.

If the chosen products are truly the best solution for your personal situation and if they fulfill your expectations when you need them most, you find out, when you are lacking the most important factor. Time.

We take time for you

Invest your time with us in a detailed analysis of your protection and your personal objectives and wishes. You will be surprised how beneficiary this investment will be. For you and your upcoming decision. Not only now at the moment of signing the policy, but especially in the future we will accompany you in case of a claim, financial challenges, professional or family commitments. This is our definition of partnership.

We stay focused

Tell us, what is important for you. Tell us, what your goals are, what your family plans are, what you expect of your professional career. We will then support you to find the suitable offer and we will make you good suggestions for the protection of you most important risks. So you will benefit directly from our expertise, which we have obtained in the last 25 years in the market. Your advantage is, that we represent you as an independent insurance broker and take over the communication in insurance and financial aspects on your behalf. Your interests are our mission.

Our values

Integrity, loyalty and reliability are the corner stones of our actions. With a smile we solve complex requests, but of course also the small tasks need to be settled responsibly. In most cases, action is more valuable than words. We promise, you will feel our enthusiasm and you will love it.

Insurance broker – in behalf of the client

As an insurance broker we aren´t tied to an insurance company. We are free in our recommendation for the best coverage with the company which has the best suitable policy for his situation. We hold are customers’ needs as a trustee. We also take over the communication with the insurer when a claim occurs. Our brokers agreement puts us under duty of our client and obliges us to do what is best for our business associate, even if the insurer isn´t happy about it.